What We Do


This stems from the realization that true beauty can be more than skin deep. Even as it swells in our hearts; we believe it also find expressions in what we wear and in everything we do to emphasize ourselves.

Each and every time we step out we make loads of statements to other people about ourselves.

Our sense of style is usually more eloquent than we realize, we are so audible without even uttering a word.

The stroke of a brush, a hint of mascara, the trail if an eye pencil, a dash of powder …can further accentuate or marour charms, it simply calls us out!

To this end Hush’D makeover recommends that careful attention be paid to our appearances which can be enhanced by good use of cosmetics and hair styling.

A good haircut and fixing of weaves can make us over by enhancing the way we look.The depth of our touch is far reaching and cuts through facials, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, nails, makeup kits and fragrances


  • We teach correcting and camouflaging techniques for imperfections, such as spots and dark circles, as well as contouring effects, highlighting, and shading. The course will cover the fundamentals of applying and blending eye makeup, eyeliners, eyebrow shaping, and the application of false lashes.
  • Share step by step knowledge on carrying out a full makeup application using primers, foundations, and concealers
  • Contouring techniques, shading techniques, Highlight and lowlight techniques, colour correction
  • Powders, blush, eyebrows, series of eye makeup techniques,including textures and finishes, and how to contour several eye shapes and lipsticks.
  • We teach fundamental beauty/fashion make-up techniques by combining essential theoretical principles with practical applications while providing information on the latest trends.
  • We will provide information on specific professional techniques and build a strong understanding in beauty and fashion makeup.
  • We also provide the student with an understanding of the requirements of fashion, photographic makeup, and beauty makeup for: bridal, mature skin, day and evening, as well as media (print and online) makeup needs.
  • We also teach an overview of historic, or “retrospective” makeup, and how “old fashioned looks” influence our contemporary vision.
  • Our student will also be coached on how to create various make-up designs for a high fashion shoot or an avant-garde runway show



Our Herbal skin care products are design to make you look good and be comfortable any where you are.
Hush’D Herbal products are in different varieties and they all meet different beauty needs.All our products are made from herbs and has no side effect .
Some of our Products

– Fasta Fosto Whitening Body Cream

– Knuckle Cream

– Egyptian face cream

– Moroccan Herbal Whitening Soap

– Sun Burn Cream

– Dark Ankle, Knees and elbow cream

– Whitening Body Scrub

– Frais Oil and more