Do you have a red tone around your eyes, dark circles, discoloured skin, dark patches around your eyes and cheeks? Then you have Sun burn. This can occur after excessive exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun, bad mixture of cream or use of excessive lighting gel.

Dermatologists have divided skin types into six possible categories depending on a variety of items like ethnic background, eye colour, and skin sensitivities. On one end of the spectrum type is folks with red hair who are extremely sensitive to sunburns While on the other end is folks that have very dark black skin that is not very sensitive to sunburns.

Regardless of the spectrum; sunburns are still possible. Whether you’re light-skinned or dark skinned, you’re at risk of getting a sun burn if you fail to properly protect your skin from the sun’s rays – HUSH’D SUN BURN CREAM comes with a sunscreen protection.

HUSH’D SUN BURN CREAM is highly recommended for anyone battling with sun burn, it totally clears and eradicate sunburns within one week of constant usage; with glaring results that leaves your face toned and in even colour.

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