HUSHD KNUKLE CREAM is a moisturizing cream enriched with powerful natural ingredients that will nourish your skin and lighten dark knuckles, knees and elbows.

Dark knuckles are formed due to exposures to vigorous friction and extreme use that we put them through. These usually occurs while writing or sitting on a chair, the knuckles, elbows and finger joints are always utilized the most.

The main reason behind this is the melanin that forms in the body which causes hyper pigmentation. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause melanin formation. The dead cells that accumulate on the skin cause darkening of knuckles.

HUSHD KNUCKLE CREAM acts fast regardless of these facts and provides visible results within a very short period. For best results; a good exfoliation process is a very important start to get rid of these dark knuckles. Therefore, a good scrub on the affected parts will help remove all the unnecessary pile up of dead skin. Next, you apply HUSHD KNUCKLE CREAM for best results

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