Fasta Fosto whitens and gives a completely flawless and glowing skin within 7 days of constant use with glaring results, without single blemish, dark knuckles nor dark patches.

It contains vitamin E and Omega 6, 9 and Tocopherol extracts which helps in maintaining healthy cells, fights pigmentation and discoloration which are caused by numerous factors such as sunburn, acne scars, pimples, liver spots, hyper-pigmentation and birthmarks.

Uniquely blended with penetrants ingredients that gives you an even tone from head to toe. Her lubricants also leave no room for dry skin or dark patches.

Our research and development department, has recorded increasing accolades and testimonies from newer and loyal users whom have enjoyed her time tested enriching solution.

We have received lots of reviews on Fasta Fosto and be rest assured that it does not contain any single steroid, Mercury, hydroquinone or any adverse ingredient(s).

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